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Community Development Department

Advocates by organizing special interest groups (medical, legal, etc.) to promote their interests within institutions representing their interest and facilitating the development of desperately needed services - such as psychosocial services amongst refugees. 

Educates by offering youth leadership trainings, internships, externships, Know Your Rights trainings for refugees and youth and Community Safety trainings. 

Mobilizes communities and MSAs for specific causes.

Community Development COMMITTEE

  • Comprises of critical community leaders and influencers in the areas of youth, leadership development, social services, and different professional interests. An ideal member will inform committee members and Community Development Director on opportunities and resources that will better position CAIR to advance its grassroots presence. 
  • Community Development Committee meets once a month. 
  • Community Development Committee should not exceed 9 members
  • Community Development members are appointed by the Board.
  • Community Development Committee members serve for two years. 
  • Community Development Committee meets once a month
  • Assigned staff: Community Development Director 


1- Community development background related to the Muslim community. This includes deep understanding of the community's challenges, and opportunities.   
2- Connections within the Muslim community
3-- Time commitment of 2-3 hours/ week if needed.