CAIR-DFW created the following departments to fulfill its mission to Educate, Advocate, and Mobilize towards a more just society: 


Contact - (469)998-CAIR

Civil Rights Department

  • Educates by offering Know Your Rights, Islam 101, and Community Safety trainings. 
  • Advocates by dealing with FBI profiling, immigration civil rights violations, hate crime cases, employment discrimination, and harassment incidents on behalf American Muslims and Muslims in America. 
  • Mobilizes community members and institutions to become more involved in civic life and social justice causes. 
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Contact - (469)998-CAIR

Government Affairs department

  • Educates by offering policy and political  education, candidates forums, Know Your Government presentations, and Meet Your Rep training. 
  • Advocates by organizing Texas Capitol Day, National Day of Advocacy, Immigrants Rights advocacy activities and local policy-related campaigns.
  • Mobilizes by organizing voter registration drive campaigns and developing alliances with like-minded organizations 

Contact - (469)998-CAIR

Communications Department

  • Educates by offering media training programs for communities and youth, developing educational experiences for those working with media.  
  • Advocates by developing positive messaging campaigns about Islam & Muslims, positive relationships with local media agencies and personnel, and facilitate speaking opportunities for  Muslim authorities in different fields. 
  • Mobilizes by creating  social media campaigns to respond to callas of action related to CAIR’s mission. 
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Contact - (469)998-CAIR

Community Development Department

Advocates by organizing special interest groups (medical, legal, etc.) to promote their interests within institutions representing their interest and facilitating the development of desperately needed services - such as psychosocial services amongst refugees. 

Educates by offering youth leadership trainings, internships, externships, Know Your Rights trainings for refugees and youth and Community Safety trainings. 

Mobilizes communities and MSAs for specific causes.