Knowledge is powerful: (We will add Quranic verse or a hadith about importance of knowledge here.) 


About Islam  

  • Islam, the faith
  • Allah
  • Jesus and Mary in Islam
  • Muslims, Arabs, and Arabic
  • Sharia, Jihad, Kufr, and much more! 
  • Non-Muslims in the eyes of Muslims
  • Democracy in Islam
  • Islam and politics 
  • Women in Islam
  • Family in Islam
  • Poverty in Islam
  • Social Justice in Islam

About Muslims

  • Who are Muslims?
  • Where do they live? 
  • What do they eat/ drink? How do they dress?
  • Muslims in America
  • Islamic institutions in America

About CAIR

  • What is CAIR?
  • Who funds CAIR?
  • Who founded CAIR?
  • Does CAIR promote Sharia law?
  • Does CAIR support any political party? 
  • Is CAIR liberal or conservative? 
  • Is CAIR only for Muslims? 
  • Can I volunteer for CAIR?
  • Does CAIR have any position on international affairs matters? 

About Civil Rights

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About Social Justice 

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